18 09, 2017

How to give your child a ‘victim mentality’


Do everything for your child. Don’t expect your child to help with laying the table, preparing a meal, washing the dishes, clearing up after themselves or lifting a finger to help. That way your child will always need someone to ‘do’ things for them, and won’t ever be able to stand on their own two [...]

11 04, 2016

The Secret to Defusing a Child’s Anger, Upset or Tantrum.


When our children get annoyed or tearful, as parents we often end up contradicting them. We try to explain why they shouldn’t feel that way. We tell them off for being unreasonable, we try to tell them what they should do to sort it out. Next time there’s an angry outburst or upset, try instead [...]

4 04, 2016

HOW to Give Your Child Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is the way you show your child that they are loved no matter what faults they have. You know that you love your child, even when they are badly behaved, but children don’t always understand that. When you get cross or angry – or shout at or punish them, your child feels ‘flawed’ [...]

17 02, 2016

5 Steps to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time.


Managing children’s time watching television, playing games, using Facebook or social media, or texting friends is becoming a big problem. So here are a few tips to help. 1. Understand WHY you’re limiting screen time. Sometimes it’s easier to stick to the rules when you know why it’s important. Playing computer games can have some [...]

10 01, 2016

Should everyone be offered parenting classes?


David Cameron released a statement  saying that all parents should be offered parenting classes, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Being a parenting expert, I see the huge impact that parenting classes can have on family life. As Michael Levine put it: ‘Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you [...]

8 12, 2015

10 Reasons Children Shouldn’t Play Adult Rated Video Games


“Dear Elizabeth My 12 year old is getting really frustrated with the fact that I will not allow him to play console games above his age group, he keeps telling me that all his friends are playing them, and I feel I'm getting weaker and weaker at standing my ground with this. It's exhausting, and [...]

27 11, 2015

How to Talk to your Child About Terror Attacks


How do you talk to children about  the awful news of the terror attack in Manchester Arena after the Ariana Grande concert? Especially as children were among the casualties. It’s normal for children to feel anxious when they hear about shootings, bombings, and other attacks where there seems to be a senseless loss of life. It’s [...]

7 11, 2015

Is acting like a servant damaging your child?


Do you feel that your job is to provide for your child and to do most of the jobs around the house? And do you feel frustr ated when your child refuses to tidy up after themselves, and whinges and whines whenever they’re asked to help? When you think about it, if your child expects [...]