6 Tips to Help your Negative Child

Do you have a negative child? When something nice is planned for your child, do they often focus on the negative? Do they get upset and complain when anything gets in their way rather than see it as a challenge? Do they give up as soon as things get tricky – and shout and moan [...]


5 steps to stop shouting at your children

Many parents shout at their children. It seems to be part of normal life at home. And yet, it feels wrong. It’s one of the habits that, as parents, we most want to change. Also it doesn’t seem to have any long term effect – we still end up shouting regularly! And the last thing [...]


11 Ways to Help your Child Cope with Frustration

Children often struggle with frustrations. Both with things they want to do on their own, meeting expectations and with being denied things they want. Life can be full of frustrations, but it helps if children can experience difficulties, and learn how to cope when they want something and can’t have it. Parents can help a [...]


My teenager is rude and disrespectful. What can I do?

Hi ElizabethMy son Jack, he's defiant, rude, argumentative, naughty at school and basically no matter what the boundaries, he pushes them. I've tried everything I can think of, I've even had behavioural services round before he went to secondary school, but to be honest we are no further forward. He doesn't work very hard at school, does [...]


Parenting skills for Black and Ethnic Minority parents

In Crawley a small revolution has been going on.  A lottery-funded parenting skills course has been attracting hard-to-reach parents in droves and keeping them engaged in a 10-week parenting course. In a second floor room off The Broadway in Crawley magic happened, and Mums (and Dads!) from every nation and faith met together to work [...]


How to stop feeling overwhelmed as a parent

Being a parent can be incredibly frustrating at times. When we shout, lose our temper, or can’t seem to control what our children do each of us has a voice inside that is critical of what we do. Our inner critic can sometimes make us feel useless and demoralised and feel like a bad parent. [...]


The best rewards to encourage good behaviour

Some children have a quirky sense of humour! A mum was talking to me recently about how brilliant a ‘reward’ for good behaviour had proved in her household. She was able to get her two children to behave all week for the privilege of pushing her in the bath with her clothes on. In fact, [...]