The Secret to Defusing a Child’s Anger, Upset or Tantrum.

When our children get annoyed or tearful, as parents we often end up contradicting them. We try to explain why they shouldn’t feel that way. We tell them off for being unreasonable, we try to tell them what they should do to sort it out. Next time there’s an angry outburst or upset, try instead [...]


10 Reasons Children Shouldn’t Play Adult Rated Video Games

“Dear Elizabeth My 12 year old is getting really frustrated with the fact that I will not allow him to play console games above his age group, he keeps telling me that all his friends are playing them, and I feel I'm getting weaker and weaker at standing my ground with this. It's exhausting, and [...]


How to Talk to your Child About Terror Attacks

How do you talk to children about  the awful news of the terror attack in Manchester Arena after the Ariana Grande concert? Especially as children were among the casualties. It’s normal for children to feel anxious when they hear about shootings, bombings, and other attacks where there seems to be a senseless loss of life. It’s [...]


The 10 biggest mistakes parents make

1. Not giving their children enough quality time. Parents are always rushing around and with their work, jobs around the house, ferrying children to and from activities, checking mobiles and Facebook, watching TV etc. etc.  Children need our undivided attention for at least 15 minutes a day. Totally focussed on them. They need to know [...]


Parenting Courses… What do you do on them?

A parenting course is an opportunity to meet with other parents and address a whole range of issues and subjects related to parenting. Most courses will help parents enhance their relationship with their child and then look at how parents deal with troublesome behaviour. The benefit of doing the course with other parents is that [...]


Is your child in control in your household?

Do you live in fear of your little one? Does he or she call the shots? It is quite common for parents to feel helpless in the wake of a toddler or small child who is flexing their little muscles and learning some (very effective) techniques of parent-control. These techniques can range from screaming, sulking, [...]

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Wild about vegetables- techniques to help your fussy eater

At a birthday party my son, then aged four, asked for jam sandwiches. The Dad put a plate of jam sandwiches in front of my son and said. ‘There you are, there are your tuna sandwiches!’ My son froze. I said ‘It’s OK, it’s jam really’ and showed him the jam inside. My son still [...]