One-to-one private parenting sessions

One-to-one support to  enable you to help your children cope with YOUR divorce

Skype, phone or face-to-face sessions at a time to suit YOU

Why would I need this?

  • You may need help immediately as you have having a difficult time with your divorce or separation
  • You may be a celebrity, be well-known in the community or just  prefer to keep details about your divorce or situation private
  • You may just want a much more personalised service

Sessions cost: £167 for 90 minutes

Three sessions now £460

Six sessions now only £897

Topics covered on when you book all six sessions include:

  • How to prevent your separation or divorce from damaging your children for life
  • The 5 critical things you need to know about what to say and what not to say to the children
  • The easy way to get your child to talk about their emotions
  • The 3 biggest dangers if children don’t talk about their emotions
  • The 10 vital steps you need to take to help your children adapt well to your separation
  • The little-known psychological secrets about helping children feel good about themselves even while their parents are divorcing.
  • Simple skills to deal with your children’s difficult behaviour when they act up over the divorce
  • How to talk to your ex without getting upset when you want to discuss the children
  • The five words people use that they don’t realise are screwing up their children
  • The difficulties you can expect from your children in the years ahead and how to avoid them.
  • How to help your children grow into happy confident teenagers, and have a great relationship with you for the rest of their lives.
One to one coaching for separated parents

Need a Parenting Course with a Certificate?

I can offer a private one-day Positive Parenting Course  (9am-5pm) with a certificate .

These sessions can be held via Skype, face-to-face in Horsham, or I can come to a venue near you (at extra cost) and can be held on weekdays or at weekends.

The one-day Parenting Course covers

  • How to motivate your children and get them to want to behave and try new things
  • How to help children deal with their emotions
  • Powerful techniques to enable children to feel successful
  • The ‘Never ask Twice’ method of getting your children to do something the first time you ask
  • Simple ways to set up new rules and routines in your home to make things easier and calmer
  •  Cheap and free rewards that your children will want to behave for.
  • 12 positive discipline methods you can use as alternatives to shouting at your children
  • How to stop sibling rivalry and get your children working as a team
  • Great ways to help your children develop their friendships and social skills
  • Getting children to help at home and do things for themselves so they become more independent
  • How to stay calm when provoked
  • Easy ways of dealing with conflict
  • What to do when kids push your buttons

Call Elizabeth to arrange a weekday or weekend to suit you

6 x 90-minute sessions can be delivered using Skype


Private full-day Positive Parenting Course

Payment can be by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.
Cost £897