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  • The different types of bullying
  • How to tell the difference between bullying and teasing
  • Statistics about bullying
  • Reasons children may be bullied
  • The impact of being a victim of bullying
  • Signs your child may be being bullied
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One of the Hardest Jobs You’ll Ever Do

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs I think you can ever do – but you never get any formal training, don’t need any qualifications and don’t need to pass any exams!

(Jamie Labate)

11. Bullying Information


What effect is bullying having on your child?

  • Is your child keeping quiet about bullying?
  • Are they feeling embarrassed or guilty?
  • Are they withdrawn, tearful or frightened?
  • Are they irritable?
  • Does your child say negative things about themselves?
  • Is bullying affecting their appetite?
  • Is it affecting their school work?
  • Is your child having headaches or stomach aches?
  • Are they constantly obsessing about the bullying?
  • Are they worried about going to school – or refusing to go?

How is your child’s bullying, affecting you?

  • Are you feeling down and miserable?
  • Do you find constantly think about the bullying?
  • Do you feel angry?
  • Do you obsess over what you’d like to do to the bully?
  • Are you feeling ‘powerless’, and worried?
  • Are you desperate to protect your child?
  • Are you scouring the internet for answers?
  • Are you feeling guilty? Worried the bullying is somehow your fault?
  • Is the bullying bringing back memories of your own childhood?
  • Are you desperate to find a way to help your child be happy again?