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See the Right Expert for Your Child

“If you need legal advice, see a solicitor. If you need tax advice, see an accountant. So therefore, see the expert for the most important aspect of your life – your child.”

Oliver Rodbourne

The young marriage quarreling. Theirs daughter stops her ears. Focused on young girl.


Are you desperate to make sure you don’t damage your child or children?
Do you want to help them adjust well to your divorce?

Children can…

  • Feel guilty the divorce is somehow their fault.
  • Secretly hope you’ll get back together.
  • Be unnaturally ‘good.’ hoping you’ll get back together again.
  • Or behave badly, to show you how unhappy they feel.
  • Feel embarrassed and different from their friends.
  • Comfort you when you’re crying, and act too much like a ‘parent.’
  • Be clingy, and want to be constantly at your side.
  • Stop sleeping well.
  • Think they must ‘earn’ the love of one parent, so they won’t be completely on their own.
  • Feel helpless and upset, caught in the middle of the fusses and arguments.
  • Cry, and feel down and miserable.
  • Want to love both parents, but feel they must take ‘sides’ against the guilty parent.
  • Feel that loving both parents is being ‘disloyal.’
  • Feel disbelief that you could do this to them if you really loved them.
  • Feel life as they knew it, has been ripped apart.

How is divorce affecting you? Do you feel…

  • Overwhelmed, and not always there ‘emotionally’ for your child?
  • Guilty, for ruining your child’s chance of a stable home with two parents?
  • Anxious, your child childhood may no longer happy and carefree?
  • Worried, your divorce could affect your child’s education, friendships or mental health?
  • Uncertain, about how much to tell your child about why you’re divorcing?
  • Annoyed, about your Ex’s behaviour??
  • Concerned, your child sees you crying and upset?
  • Apprehensive, about your child getting upset or crying about the divorce?
  • Unsure, about how to respond to your child’s reactions and behaviour?
  • Disappointed, that you failed at your marriage, and that your child didn’t deserve this?

Do you want…

  • To know the best things to say and do to help your child adapt well to your divorce?
  • Your child to continue have a happy childhood with two places they can call home.
  • A way to discuss your child’s needs with your ex-partner.
  • Your child to be protected from negativity and arguments.
  • Your child to be able to open up about their emotions and feelings about the divorce.
  • Your child to be able to deal with the sadness and pain, and not feel guilty or torn apart.
  • Your child to eventually regain their happiness and confidence and know you’re there for them.
  • Eventually, for your child to know how to help them adjust to a new partner, step-parent or blended family, if you find someone new.
  • Your divorce not to damage your child any more than it needs to.
  • To know how to avoid damaging your child for life by your divorce.