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One of the Hardest Jobs You’ll Ever Do

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs I think you can ever do – but you never get any formal training, don’t need any qualifications and don’t need to pass any exams!

(Jamie Labate)

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Falling Out

  • Is your child frequently falling out with friends?
  • Do children who are initially friendly with your child, often end up ignoring, avoiding or being nasty to your child?
  • Does your child have a knack of making the ‘wrong sort’ of friends?
  • Are the children they seem to make friends with more like ‘frenemies’?

Not Having Friends

  • Is your child ‘socially awkward?’
  • Is your child not invited to many birthday parties?
  • Do they sometimes spend playtime alone?
  • Do they wish they could be invited to play at other children’s homes?
  • Do they get upset or miserable that other children don’t seem to like them?
  • Is your child moving house or moving school and worried about whether they’ll make friends?


How is it affecting YOU?

  • Do you worry about your child and their friendships?
  • Does it upset you when they have no-one to play with?
  • Do you feel guilty that somehow you haven’t given them the right friendship skills?
  • Are you sometimes uneasy about the children your child chooses as friends?
  • Do your child’s personality traits make it difficult for them to make friends?
  • Do you worry about your child’s social abilities?
  • Are you fearful about what will happen when your child needs to move school?
  • Do you worry that your child isn’t going to have good, lasting friendships?