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  • How much homework is normal?
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  • What difficulties can homework cause?
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Children Doing Homework, And I Hadn’t Even Asked!

On Monday I had to go upstairs to do something and was delighted when I came down to see both children at the kitchen table doing their homework and I hadn’t even asked them to do it!

(Amanda Ruiz)

10 Homework Information


What problems is homework causing you?

  • Worry about how you can get your child to do homework?
  • Upset at the confrontations and battles?
  • Ruined evenings?
  • Occasional tears at night?
  • Feeling like a teacher?
  • Over- helping? (Perhaps sometimes doing the homework for your child?)
  • Frustration you can’t manage it better?
  • Shouting?
  • Feeling you’re being judged?

What problems does homework cause your child?

  • Dread of homework?
  • Fed up with the burden from teachers and parents?
  • Overwhelm and pressure?
  • Sucking the fun out of life?
  • Stress, anxiety and fear?
  • Wishing homework could be banned?