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19. Hate Being A Mum Information


Bringing up children can be hard. We all have a picture in our head about how wonderful it is going to be when we have our own children, and the reality is that we get stressed, tired and frankly, fed up with being a mum. Sometimes you may wish you didn’t have children, that your child might be better off without you, or you dream of running away. You love your child to bits, but if someone came along and offered to take your child off your hands, you might just consider it.

When the feeling of being down and miserable, lasts for weeks or months, it can be useful to seek some help.

Sometimes learning how to resolve a tricky issue can be all that is needed to change how you feel about being a mum. If your child is having tantrums, angry outbursts, sleep problems or being rude and defiant, some simple parenting skills can help turn the situation around.