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Leo’s Anger is Almost Gone.

“Leo’s anger is almost gone although he still flares up occasionally, it is nowhere near like it used to be, He is generally a lot calmer and does listen much more and tries hard to do the right thing most of the time”

(Dianna Bonner)

Father and daughter arguing


If your teenager has become moody, argumentative or dismissive you’re in the right place.

Many parents find that once their child hits their teens life gets a lot harder. Your happy child, who would do as you ask (most of the time) has been swapped for an uncommunicative, moody teenager, who seems to argue all the time, or stay in their room. The mobile phone is permanently in their hand. You feel like you’re interrupting whenever you want to talk to them. Family meals become rarer. You don’t know the parents of their friends anymore. Rules that have applied all their lives, go out of the window. Everything seems a battle. Your teenager wants more freedom, but you want them to be safe.  They seem more selfish and less amenable. I’ve had four teenagers, so I know just how hard it can be!


What problems are you having with your teenager?

  • Is your teenager reluctant to talk with you?  Unless it’s to ask for money?
  • Are they sullen or miserable with you? Yet friendly and sociable with friends?
  • Do they make a mess and walk off, expecting someone else to clear it up?
  • Are they rude or dismissive?
  • Do they sometimes completely ignore you?
  • Do you have to constantly remind them to do simple things?
  • Do they expect lifts, and favours, yet refuse to help around the house?
  • Do they spend way too long on their mobiles, watching Netflix, going on Facebook or playing computer games?
  • Do they come home late without letting you know?
  • Do you dislike some of their friends? …. Or never even get to meet their friends!?
  • Do they go to bed late, then sleep-in in the morning?
  • Do they suddenly explode at you?
  • Has their school work deteriorated?


How are you finding being a parent of a teenager?

  • Has being a parent stopped being fun?
  • Do you wish your teenager would just do as you ask?
  • Are you shouting at or criticising your teenager –even though it’s not helping?
  • Do you wish your teenager helped more?
  • Do you worry your teenager’s bad habits and attitude could cause problems when they leave home?
  • Do you worry what your teenager gets up to with friends?
  • Do you stop yourself saying things, because you’re worried about your teenager’s reaction?
  • Do you resent the way your teenager treats you and your home?
  • Is your teenager making you and your family life miserable?
  • Do you sometimeswish your teenager would just leave home?