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He Stopped Biting

“After one week of working with Elizabeth, the nursery took Austin off special measures, and no longer needed a member of staff to shadow him, as he had stopped biting!”

(Tracey Stapleton)

5. Toddler Biting Information


If your toddler is biting you, or other children, you’ve come to the right place. Biting can be a tricky issue to deal with.

You have a beautiful toddler, whom you love dearly, and yet the pain and injury inflicted when they bite can be appalling.

Your child will quickly be shunned by other children, who are frightened of being bitten. Added to that, other parents will judge and criticise you for not stopping your child.

It is hard to understand why your toddler is biting. Why would a lovely, sweet child do something so nasty and hurtful? It doesn’t’ make sense.