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  • Aggression – what is going on in your toddler’s brain?
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  • How the home environment can worsen your toddler’s aggressive behaviour.
  • How other children can influence your toddler.
  • How your reactions and other factors can affect your toddler’s ability to handle anger and aggression.
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He’s A Changed Boy

“My biggest problem with George was handling his aggressive behaviour and with Elizabeth’s techniques he is a changed boy, much calmer and everything day to day is now much easier”

(Pia Chevalier)

two little girls conflicting and trying to fight


Many parents struggle with a toddler hitting, kicking, hair pulling or biting.

Hitting can have a massive impact on family life. Many parents respond with shouting and anger, which makes a difficult situation even worse.

Would you like to understand what is going on in your toddler’s head when they hit out?
Would you like to find out the reasons why toddlers hit or hurt others, to make sense of the behaviour?

To correct a behaviour, it’s important to look at what is going on for the toddler, and what factors are making your child more likely to hit out.

Understanding your toddler is the first step to reacting appropriately and consistently so that your toddler learns to stop hitting.