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4 Nights’ Full Sleep

“Thank you Elizabeth you have restored my faith in myself, my parenting and most of all given me 4 nights’ full sleep in the first week of trying to get both children in bed!”

 (Rachael Callender)

6. Toddler Sleep Information


Does your toddler struggle to fall asleep at night? Does your toddler wake up during the night, crying? Or sneak into your bed? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Getting your toddler to settle well at night, go to sleep, and stay in their own bed all night, can be tricky.

You have a beautiful toddler, whom you love dearly, and yet in the night your patience can wear thin.

Not only that, but sleep deprivation can have significant effect on the whole family.
You and your child can get grumpy and irritable, and family life can get a bit strained.