Discover the Secrets of Having Well-Behaved, Happy Children 10-week course starts Tuesday 20th September 2016 

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Why come on the ‘Discover the Secrets’ course?

Would you like to go on a course with other like-minded parents?
Would you like to build up your skills, over the course of 10 weeks, so you feel confident using all the skills with your child(ren)?

Would you value the opportunity to discuss solutions to difficulties at home that you’re having, and hear how other parents resolve their issues?

With other positive, friendly and supportive parents who are all dedicated parents, determined to be the best parents they can be for their children.


Course Details

The course costs £497 per person. £797 for a couple, or £897 for two friends booking together.
It will be held in Warnham, near Horsham
On a Tuesday evening, 7 till 9pm
Starts Tuesday 20th September 7-9pm
With a break for half term. Finishing on 29th November.

What will be covered on the ‘Discover the Secrets’ course?

  1. Descriptive Praise – In the first session you’ll learn to help your children feel more confident, make them more cooperative and more willing to try new things.
  2. Emotion Coaching – In this session you’ll find out how to deal with your children’s upset or anger much better, defuse tantrums, and help your children open up about their difficult feelings.
  3. Setting up for Success – Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping your children will behave, you can use the ‘chat through’ to make sure your children behave well in situations which could potentially cause problems. This is the technique you can use to encourage good behaviour when you’re not around. And you’ll also cover the ‘Never Ask Twice’ method!
  4. Rules, Routines and Rewards – This session will help you to make your children’s home life become much more structured, and show you how to be firm about boundaries you want to set. It will also help you set up good morning, homework, mealtime and bedtime routines. And use cheap or free rewards (often quality time with you) to reinforce good behaviour.
  5. Positive Discipline – In this session you will learn 14 effective ways to discipline your children, without even raising your voice, and how to help your children learn from mistakes. (The holy grail of parenting!)
  6. Encouraging Independence – here you will learn how to encourage your children do more for themselves (such as dressing, getting ready and getting themselves organised) and encourage other good habits such as doing homework and helping around the home.
  7. Being in Charge – In this session you’ll learn how to get back in charge at home- using positive methods of managing your children’s behaviour – without being over-controlling!
  8. Sibling Rivalry and Friendships – Here you will learn how to deal with sibling rivalry at home and how to help your children make and keep friends.
  9. Keeping Calm – you can’t access good parenting techniques if you’re shouting or losing your temper. So in this session you’ll learn specific ways to help you stay calm. And we’ll also look at children’s temperaments and developmental stages so you understand your children’s behaviour better.
  10. What to Do When Kids Push Your Buttons – every parent finds their children do things that wind them up. However, your child doesn’t actually have a remote control to make you blow up! In this session you will learn how to defuse those buttons!



What have other parents said who’ve attended the course?

“Before the parenting course started I found myself shouting all the time and life just seemed hectic.  And I was so tired always running around tidying up, cooking, cleaning, getting everyone where they needed to be etc.  I had no time for “fun” and I didn’t have much time for quality family interaction. Now I have completed this course I am smiling again and recognising all the fantastic things my children do on a daily basis.  I no longer feel like a slave to them and they have so much more respect for me than they did before.  My children now cook, clean, make their own packed lunch and keep their rooms tidy.

“It’s very worth doing. At first I was very unsure that it would work. I’ve tried so many different things that haven’t worked. But this works!!! If I could put Elizabeth in my pocket and take her home I would. Anyone who has a chance to do it definitely should. It opens up a whole new world. You think there’s no light at the end of the tunnel but there is. It’s a fantastic course.”

“Elizabeth is a very friendly and genuine person with the knowledge and the skills to raise your children to become happy, confident, well behaved & positive. I was very quiet and nervous when I first joined the course, but I had an open mind and made new friends. I completed 100% of the course. A huge thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this course. It has helped hugely and I recommend this course to any parent.

“Before I started the course, I was shouting a lot in order to get simple things done, like a bath, getting shoes on for school. I also was using a lot of negative incentives to get my children to do what I needed them to do i.e. if you don’t put your shoes on now, you will lose your pocket money this week!   Since the course the results have been astonishing.  They have allowed me to feel in control all the time (even when things are going horribly wrong!) and to have ways of dealing with all situations which help us to get through them. But (as an added bonus) help my children to develop as mature, capable people as well. That for me has been the biggest hidden treasure from this course.”

“This course is a reality check. It’s not rocket science but it reminds you of the things you already knew but forgot to focus on. As well as giving different insights. It has given me my life back – I was losing it on a regular basis before and now I can keep myself in check and the children respond for better. I can also now expect more of my children – and they live up to it. This is an invaluable resource to remind us that other people have similar issues.”

What do you need to do now?

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