Help – my teenager is stealing! Girl stealing money from mother

Has your teenager been stealing from you?

Do you want to learn how to get them to stop?

Discover how six 90-minute Private Parenting Sessions using Skype can help you stop the stealing 

The quickest, most effective method of sorting this problem out – once and for all.

May I ask you some questions…..?

  • Has your teenager been stealing from you? Or from others?
  • Does your teenager seem to feel ‘entitled’ to more money or think the
    y deserve to have more things?
  • Do they lie to you about things that have gone missing?
  • Does your teenager seem to resent you for not providing what they feel they should have?
  • Do they get upset or angry with YOU when they’re caught?
  • Do they treat you with disdain, and think that your job is to provide for them and do things for them?
  • Has their moral compass become skewed? Where they don’t quite understand right from wrong any more?

And what effect is it having on you?

    • Are you fed up with hiding your possessions and worrying about what’s going to go missing next?
    • Have you stopped trusting your teenager… about anything?
    • Are you worried sick that your teenager will steal something and get a criminal record… and yet secretly hope that they do get caught so it frightens them into stopping?
    • Are you at a complete loss at how to deal with the stealing?
    • Is it affecting your relationship with your teen, where you can’t trust them anymore and don’t actually like them.
    • Do you sometimes wish your teenager would just leave home, because life would be so much more pleasant if they weren’t around? And feel shocked you could feel that way?
    • Do you feel that somehow you’ve been a bad parent? Or that others will judge you as bad if your teenager is caught for stealing?
    • Do you worry that if your teenager is into stealing, then they may get caught up in other illegal activities?
    • Do you resent the way your teenager treats you, your possessions and your home?
    • Is your teenager making you and your family life miserable?

Do you want…

      • To stop your teenager stealing before they get caught or get a criminal record.
      • Your teenager to start contributing more to the family.
      • Your teenager to earn money for the things they want.
      • Your teenager to become more responsible, reliable and honest.

If you’re serious about getting this sorted…

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PS. What will happen if you do nothing?
If you don’t do anything today, what will life be like for you in a years’ time? If you don’t take steps to stop the stealing, what do you think will happen? 

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