How to Have A Closer Happier Relationship with Your Child

Would you like a close, happy relationship with your child? Is there something stopping you from having that at the moment?



If you have ever wanted to be a great Mum or Dad for your child, and want to know the secrets of happy parenting, then this could be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Being a parent can be tough. As a mother of four children I know how hard it can be. There have been times in my life when I desperately wanted to find answers to the problems I was having. Most of the time they were small problems, that I hoped would go away. But from time to time, I would lose sleep worrying about my children. And feeling desperately sad that I couldn’t seem to ‘fix’ what was going on for them.

So what would you most like to sort out for your child?

  • Is it being rude or disrespectful?
  • Is it getting your child to do what you want the first time you ask?
  • Is it getting them to tidy away their things?
  • Or be more organised so they remember to take the right things to school?

None of these are major issues or ‘crises’ but gradually when enough problems build up, they can suck the enjoyment out of being a parent, and make life tedious.   So how would you like to access a free e-book that will give you 20 top tips on having a closer happier relationship with your child? How would you like to find out some new, more effective approaches to put the fun back into family life, and get your child cooperating more and arguing less?

Today, I’m offering you the chance to get my e-book completely free.

1.How to give show your child you love them unconditionally

2.Helping children recognize their own strengths and talents

3.How to ensure children have sufficient nutrition, sleep and exercise

4.Simple ways to really listen to your child and help them with emotions

5.How to teach children to solve problems

6.The best technique to get your children to behave – Descriptive Praise

7.How to make rules that reflect your values

8.Cheap and free rewards that children really want to earn

9.How to help your child feel successful

10.How to spend quality time with your children

11.How to improve your child’s self-esteem by involving them in decisions

12.How to stay calm with your child

13.How to avoid morning mayhem and banish bedtime blues with some simple routines

14.Why family meals are important

15.How to meet your own needs as an adult, and recharge your batteries

16.Why nurturing your relationship with your partner is important – and how to do that

17.How to encourage children to do jobs around the home

18.How to put the fun back into family life

19.How to help your child develop a positive attitude and set goals

20.And what ‘Life Skills’ your child will need you to teach them before they leave home


Download your copy today and start to change family life for you and your children.

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Your children only have one childhood. Let’s make it a good one!



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