Solve Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is common, but it can ruin the pleasure of being with your family. This must-have guide helps you understand the four main reasons children fight, and then gives you 23 great ways to stop siblings fighting. And help your children negotiate, compromise and get on better together.

Bullying Advice

What should you do if your child is being bullied? This must-have guide shows you how to get your child to tell you about bullying. What to say and do if your child is being bullied. How to deal with a physical attack. And the best way to involve the school to keep your child safe.

Cyber bullying


Cyber bullying is upsetting and hurtful. But does your child know exactly what to do if they receive a disturbing message on their computer or mobile? In this must-have guide, teach your child exactly what to do, and how to react. Includes a free poster you can print off for your child to remember the steps if anyone tries to bully them online.


Homework without a fuss



Do you ever feel that your child’s homework is more your problem than your child’s? Use these four simple steps to stop power struggles over homework, and get your child doing their homework every day without a battle.