Re-connecting with a difficult teenager

Is your teenager rude, demanding and defiant? Do you sometimes wonder what happened to the child who was so loving and cooperative only a few years ago? This must-have guide shows you the 10 steps to start reconnecting with your teenager so you can re-build the relationship that you both need to get on well together again.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is upsetting and hurtful. But does your child know exactly what to do if they receive a disturbing message on their computer or mobile? In this must-have guide, teach your child exactly what to do, and how to react. Includes a free poster you can print off for your child to remember the steps if anyone tries to bully them online.


Confronting Stealing


If your teenager has been stealing, you need this must-have guide to tackle it effectively and know exactly what to say and do to stop them stealing again.