Stop your toddler hitting

How can you stop your toddler from hitting other children? Or trying to hurt you? This must-have guide shows you 17 simple strategies to prevent aggression and how to deal with the situation – in the most effective way – if your child hits out.

How to deal with toddler temper tantrums

Ready to tackle your toddler’s temper tantrums? This must-have guide helps you understand what triggers your child’s tantrums, how to keep your cool when your child loses theirs! How to prevent tantrums. And what to do and what not to do when your child has a melt-down.

59 Ways to Help Your Toddler Sleep

How to get your toddler to sleep all night.
How to help your toddler think about sleep.
Ways to help your toddler feel sleepy.
How to make the bedroom more suitable for sleep.
Plus, how to help your toddler relax enough to fall asleep.

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Stop Baby Jealousy

The 4 step action plan if your young child does hurt the baby.
Plus, 10 steps to solve baby jealousy.

Stop Your Toddler Biting

The most effective parenting strategies to stop biting.
How to avoid your toddler biting again.
Plus, effective ways to behave if your toddler does bite.