The Step By Step Guide to
Effective Discipline
(Without even raising your voice)


Do you struggle trying to discipline your child? IMG_2227-Copy

Have you tried everything – and nothing seems to work?

Have you used punishments, threats, nagging, reminding, but your child keeps behaving badly?

Do you find your child misbehaves again and again and never seems to learn?

Are you confused about how to get your child to behave?

Would you like to stop shouting at your child?

Would you find it much easier to stay calm if you were armed with a whole range of discipline techniques? – that work!

In this video training session, parenting specialist Elizabeth O’Shea goes through 4 ways to reduce the chance of your child misbehaving and then 14 ways to effectively discipline your child without shouting or smacking. Including the holy grail of parenting- how to get your child to learn from their own mistakes!

By the end of the video, you will choose one of your child’s behaviours that you want to change, and work out what discipline methods you can use to deal with it.

When you purchase the Video training you will have;

  • The knowledge of how to get your child behaving well (most of the time)
  • The knowledge that you know what to do, without raising your voice, to discipline your child
  • More confidence that you are in control at home – and don’t need to resort to shouting or smacking your child
  • The ability to respond calmly and effectively to misbehaviour
  • A closer relationship with your child because you are no longer shouting at them or using punishments, threats, nagging or reminding
  • A child who knows how to make good choices because they realise how natural consequences work
  • The ability to help your child learn from their mistakes, so they don’t make them again. (Alleluia!)

In addition to the video, you will receive a downloadable work book, a full transcript of the session and an audio recording of the session, which you can download to your MP3 player and listen to again – anytime.

Elizabeth said “I am so excited to be sharing this training session with you. It is often the missing link for good parents to be able to work out how they can correct their child’s behaviour in a respectful and calm manner. And in a way that makes your child less likely to misbehave in the future. It’s like someone giving you the key to unlock the secrets of being a great parent- at an amazing price.”




Peace of Mind Guarantee

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I’m so confident about the value of this content and the incredible free gifts that you will gain access to when you upgrade that I’m making it risk-free for the next 30 days.

If you’re not impressed and you decide this is not for you, then you may request a full refund up to 30 days after your date of purchase.

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