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The magic of ChristmasCan you remember what you were given for Christmas last year?

What about the other presents you received? Hmm…. Hard isn’t it?

And if I asked you – what were your favourite memories of Christmas as a child?

Was it the stockings? The magic? Leaving something out for Santa and his reindeer? Christmas morning? The family board games?

Much easier to remember!

Every family have their own traditions. What do you think will stay in your child’s memory for the rest of their lives?

Will it be the presents? Or is it more likely that it will be your family traditions that will make Christmas special?

So in the midst of worrying about buying and wrapping the presents and sending all your Christmas cards, have a think about what you want your children to remember about Christmas.

What little traditions can you set up?

  • Could you personalise the crackers and get a suitable cracker gift to pop into each cracker?
  • Could you play Christmas music while putting up the decorations?
  • Could you all go together to choose the tree?
  • Could you find a way to re-connect your child to the real meaning of Christmas?
  • Could you all plan what to eat at the family breakfast on Christmas morning?
  • Could you plan Christmas morning so that you get time to really enjoy watching your child open their presents? (Without worrying about anything else)
  • Could you find a family game you could all play?
  • Could your child make personalised presents for each member of the family? A poem? A picture? A CD with the person’s favourite music? A decorated photo frame with a photo? A book with their favourite memories of that person?

Why not give your Christmas traditions some thought and see what magic you can create this year?

I’d love to hear about your favourite family Christmas traditions -just leave a comment in the ‘leave a reply’ box below

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