If your child is angry, aggressive and making family life a misery, it’s exhausting and you may feel at your wits’ end. It’s not your fault, but you CAN do something about it.

Do you have an angry child aged 4 to 10?

If you have an angry, aggressive or violent child, you are probably at a complete loss about what to do. It’s as if your child is in charge, and everyone in the family is treading on eggshells, frightened, worried, and desperate to avoid another meltdown.

We get it! it can make you feel like a bad parent, and you’re not!

But you are probably wondering if there is anything you can do. It seems to be an impossible situation.

If your child is angry, aggressive and making family life a misery, it’s exhausting and you may feel at your wits’ end. It’s not your fault, but you CAN do something about it - Call Parent 4 Success

Is your child….

Having angry outbursts at home and sometimes in front of the wider family.

One minute, kind and lovely, then becomes suddenly angry or aggressive at the smallest thing – like Jekyll and Hyde.

Rude and disrespectful at home, even though they’re a ‘model’ child at school.

Lashing out with hitting, kicking or pinching.

Being destructive, breaking or throwing things.

Ignoring you, not listening or having to be told everything many times.

Downright refusing to do what you’ve asked.

Hurting, being rough, or winding up their brother or sister.

Always wanting to have their own way.

Saying things like “I hate myself. No-one likes me” or even “I wish I was dead.”

Dragging their heels, getting ready in the morning.

Having to be constantly reminded and nagged to do anything.

Having far too much screen time for your liking.

Always delaying bedtime. Or insisting you lie with them until they’re asleep.

Making you dread time with your child, walking on eggshells, terrified about when they’re going to kick off next.

Making you worry that if you don’t deal with this now, the teenage years could be a nightmare.

If any of these are true for you, you need expert help to get this sorted. This isn’t going to resolve itself.

Before you try to find a child psychologist, psychiatrist or child psychotherapist, to ‘fix’ your child, it’s useful to know that in six parenting sessions you can turn your child and your family life around, and learn how to become your child’s anger management coach.

Working with me will help you learn effective strategies to prevent your child’s angry outbursts, manage meltdowns effectively, and restore peace and harmony at home.

At the moment, your child doesn’t have the skills to know how to stay calm at home. You probably get glimpses of the amazing person under that angry exterior, and would like to see more of your child’s lovely side. However, your child will not be able to fulfil their true potential in life, unless you help them manage their anger.

Your child’s future happiness and relationships rest on you helping them to learn self-control when they’re annoyed, frustrated, or upset.

If your child behaves well at school, and you sometimes get glimpses of the kind, loving, thoughtful child within, it means your child does know how to manage their anger at times, but has got into bad habits at home. This is good news, because your lovely child is still in there, hidden beneath the angry exterior.

Seeking help and learning effective strategies to help your child manage their difficult emotions will help you see more of your extraordinary child, and become the hero and guide your child needs.

In just six 90-minute Skype parenting sessions with me you can learn the essential skills you need to manage your child’s behaviour. I’ll be your teacher, mentor and guide. With unlimited text or e-mail support between sessions to make sure everything is working.

It will be the best investment you could make in your child’s future and could save you years of anguish and worry as your child becomes a teenager.

Children don’t come with a manual. Most parents don’t know how to handle their child’s angry outbursts well. Sometimes you need training for the most important job you’ll ever do – raising your own child. Good parents seek help when they are not sure how to tackle a problem.

Life as a parent can be fun. You can have peace and harmony at home, and feel you’re in charge again. You just need to know how.

As a child behavioural expert, and child anger-management specialist, I can teach you how to deal with your angry child, so they become happier, independent, and more self-reliant.

A child who you’ll love being with at home, and who makes you proud, so friends and family can see what a great job you’re doing.

It will require time and effort to learn and practice the skills. But at the end of the sessions, you will know exactly how to tackle your child’s difficult behaviour, avoid the power battles and enjoy being a parent again. If you invest the time and money to learn the skills, and put what you learn into practice at home, you can transform your child’s difficult behaviour.

If you’re ready to learn how to tackle your child’s anger and difficult behaviour, prevent problems escalating, and enjoy being a parent again, call me.

The first step is to book a (free) discovery call so I can find out more about what’s going on at home, understand the issues you want to tackle, and check if I’m the right person to help, before we start working together. Book your discovery call today.

Book your discovery call today.

These are skills that will last the rest of your, and your child’s, life.

You can pay in full before the sessions, or pay for the first session (£400) first. and the remainder before the second session. Then you can have a free 7th session, 4-6 weeks after we finish, to make sure everything is still working and tackle any new issues that have cropped up.

Don’t wait until your child is a teenager to tackle this, because then the difficult behaviour may become embedded.

There are three steps to working with me...

1. Call Me

Arrange a call, so I can fully understand your child.


2. Zoom Meetings

Arrange six online sessions, to learn the parenting strategies YOU need.


3. Parent 4 Success

Get your lovely child back and enjoy a close, loving relationship with them.


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