Living with an angry pre-teen can be miserable. Constantly treading on eggshells to make sure they don’t kick off. Then, if they do have an angry outburst, it’s stressful and exhausting calming them down. So, what can you do?

Is your 11 or 12-year-old in charge at home?

Being at home with an angry pre-teen can be miserable. It can feel like you’re constantly treading on eggshells trying to keep your child happy and make sure they don’t kick off. Then, if they do have an angry outburst, calming your child down can be stressful and exhausting. The conflict and tension can make home life a misery, and no one in the family is happy.

Your child is probably having way more screen time that you’d like. They may not be achieving as well as they should at school. And it’s likely they won’t lift a finger to help around the house.

Not only that, your child may be pushing, hitting, punching, kicking out, or breaking things. And they’re getting bigger and stronger. You may already be worried about what life will be like when your angry pre-teen hits their teenage years.

If your child is angry, aggressive and making family life a misery, it’s exhausting and you may feel at your wits’ end. It’s not your fault, but you CAN do something about it - Call Parent 4 Success

It can feel like you’re out of your depth, without a clue about how to sort it out. It can feel a bit like living with domestic violence, but this is your child. You may occasionally glimpse the lovely child they can be. If only you knew how to bring out more of their good side, and less of the mini-tyrant they’ve become at home.

We cover how to defuse anger in our calm parenting course in module 2.

I’ve worked with hundreds of families, helping parents with strategies and techniques that work to help their child manage their anger. I can help put you back in the driving seat, and help you become your child’s ‘anger management coach.’

I don’t need to see your child, I can teach you all the skills to prevent your child getting angry, and know exactly what to do to calm your child down if they do have a meltdown. You’ll be able to see more of the lovely child you have, enjoy being a parent, and have fun as a family again.

In six 90-minute parenting sessions you can learn the essential skills you need to manage your child’s behaviour.

It will be the best investment you could make in your child’s future and could save you years of anguish and worry as your child becomes a teenager.

It will require some effort to learn and practice the skills, but at the end of the sessions, you will know how to tackle your child’s difficult behaviour, stop the power battles, and enjoy being a parent again.

There are three steps to working with me...

1. Call Me

Arrange a call, so I can fully understand your child.


2. Zoom Meetings

Arrange six online sessions, to learn the parenting strategies YOU need.


3. Parent 4 Success

Help everyone see the lovely teenager you have, and restore peace and harmony at home.


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