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• A rewarding job, making a difference, transforming the lives of parents and children.
• A flexible way to earn money, that fits around having a family
• Learn how to set up your own Parenting Consultancy business

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Next course starts 25th September 2024

Life’s Too Short to Feel Guilty (and Skint!) as a Working Parent - ou and your child deserve better. There’s no need to waste your talents. Elizabeth O Shea... Become a coach

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Train to be a Parent 4 Success Consultant

I raised four children and built a successful business.

My mission is to help a million children have a happier childhood through helping parents learn the best parenting skills.

Would you like to be part of this mission, and have a rewarding career that allows you to put your talents to great use, whilst maintaining balance and a happy family life?

• A parent looking for a new career opportunity
• Able to empathise with other parents’ struggles
• Experienced in coaching or training others
• Able to invest time and effort
• Good at planning and organising
• Good at speaking and writing English
• Motivating, inspiring, and have good communication skills
• Willing to fully participate and engage
• Willing to share experience and best practice

Starting September 2024

• Six Wednesdays, (19.00 till 21.00) starting on 18th September till 23rd October to do the parenting course.
• Two weekends (Sat & Sun 09.00 – 15.30 9th-10th November and 30th Nov-1st Dec) to train to Bronze level.
• Pass the Bronze Consultant exam and interview
• Then join the Implementation Mastery programme (2 hour session once a month)
• Continue the silver, gold, platinum and super coach training at a later date, if you wish

• The course contains an extensive portfolio of skills and approaches which you will need to take the time to learn.
• There will be a selection process; this won’t be right for everyone.
• You would need to attend 90% of the live sessions to obtain your Parent4success qualification.
• You will be able to start using your newfound sills and knowledge as a parent immediately.
• Once trained, you will need to invest time and effort to establish a viable parenting consultancy.
• You would need to set up your own business, and market your own services.

Why Train with Elizabeth?

Train in the comfort of your home in less than 3 months

30+ proven tools for managing children’s behaviour

Easy to access to fit into your life

Expert training in how to consult with and train parents

Training course based on the issues UK parents have with children’s behaviour

Three steps to your new career

Arrange a call so I can answer your questions and tell you more

Enrol on Parenting Consultant Training

Love your new flexible career helping families

Parent 4 Success Consultant Training - Three Phases

Everything you need to know to become a parenting consultant

Parent 4 Success Parenting Course

Learn all the skills you’ll be teaching other parents, and you can use them on your own children to see how effective they are.

  • 1. Encourage good behaviour and defuse difficult emotions
  • 2. Prevent poor behaviour, build strong bonds and encourage self-control
  • 3. Boundaries and discipline
  • 4. Sibling rivalry, only children and encourage Independence
  • 5. How to stay calm
  • 6. How to be in charge, encourage resilience, and keep up your skills

1st Tier Advanced Parenting Consulting*

Learn the skills to solve children’s difficult behaviour in six key areas.

  • 1. Mornings
  • 2. Bedtime and Sleep
  • 3. Screen time
  • 4. Anger Management
  • 5. Confidence
  • 6. Being Bullied

* there are four further tiers available

1st Tier Advanced Parenting Consulting

Once you’ve passed the exam and completed an interview with Elizabeth you can start to work with families

Within three months you could be working as a 1st tier Advanced Parenting Consulting. Once you’ve reached Bronze level, you can join our Implementation Mastery programme – and get support with your sales and marketing and growing a thriving coaching business. (see below)

LATER: Advanced Parenting Consultant Training

If you’d like to advance to achieve Super Coach status, there are four further, advanced, levels you can train in.

Paret 4 Success - Advanced Parenting Consultant Training - If you’d like to advance to achieve Super Coach status, there are four further, advanced, levels you can train in

Tier 2

• Bullying others
• Homework
• Defiance
• Negativity
• Victim Mentality
• School Attainment

Tier 3

• Anxiety
• Divorce
• Death of a parent
• Fussy eating
• Tantrums
• Resilience

Tier 4

• Friendship issues
• Autistic Spectrum
• Twins & triplets
• Stealing
• Lying

Top Tier (Super Coach)

• Toddlers
• Biting
• Daytime wetting
• Teenagers
• Sexual morals & values
• Going off the rails

The support doesn’t stop there.

Below are details of the two further programmes available to support you in implementing your consulting skills with parents and growing and marketing a thriving business.

Implementation Mastery Programme

Listing on Parent 4 Success Website
Access to background forms
Access to parenting session notes
Monthly ‘Implementation Mastery Sessions’
Additional training
Share best practice
Q&A sessions with Elizabeth to answer your questions and discuss tricky families and situations.

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Niching, Marketing and Sales

• How to niche
• How to establish and grow a successful business
• How to market your business
• How to sell yourself and your courses

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What’s the investment?

Course Starting September 2024 If paid up front If paid by instalments
Bronze parenting consultant training £2,000 £2,280
Implementation Mastery programme £600 £720
Total: £2,600 £3,000

Later (if you wish):

If paid up front If paid by instalments
Silver, Gold, Platinum and Super Coach training £2,000 £2,280
Niching, Marketing and Sales £500 £620

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