All the skills to calm your angry child (aged 4 to 10)

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The only step-by-step guide you need to solve your child’s anger once and for all.

Learn the exact same skills and strategies I teach my 1:1 clients. You’ll get lifelong access to workbooks, short binge-able video tutorials and the full step-by-step Calming Kids process.

Module #1

The proven path to defusing difficult behaviour

You’ll learn how to:

Build your child’s self-esteem so they make better decisions and develop the kind of resilience school bullies are afraid of.

Overhaul your reward system with descriptive praise that actually works.

Troubleshoot phrases sent from your subconscious (and stop sounding like your parents).

Module #2

Prevent poor behaviour and build a strong bond with your child

You’ll learn how to:

Implement the Never Ask Twice method for getting things done without all the drama.

Action 10 fail-proof steps to manage angry outbursts.

Workshop problem solving strategies with your child that build up their confidence.

Module #3

Boundaries and discipline

You’ll learn how to:

Use 18 effective ways to discipline your child without raising your voice.

Remove nagging from your morning routine

Write rules that work.

Module #4

Sibling rivalry and independence

You’ll learn how to:

Reduce sibling rivalry in 10 simple steps (also good if your only child has problems with friendships).

Neutralise Only Child Syndrome and teach your child to win and lose graciously.

The child still struggling? Work out why and get exact solutions to deal with it.

Module #5

How to be in charge and stay calm

You’ll learn how to:

Be the boss without being over-controlling.

Solve conflict without arguments.

Keep your calm, even when your child is pushing your buttons

Module #6

Keep your child calm and resilient

You’ll learn how to:

Have more fun with your child, and why that’s so important.

Help your child become resilient and bounce back from disappointments.

Stay on track with what you’ve learned for the rest of your child’s life.