Help- I’m a Working Mum

Are you torn apart with guilt about having children and being a working mum?

Do you struggle to find the right way to deal with your child’s behaviour without ruining the time you have together?

Do you want to work AND give your child a happy childhood, but find juggling everything you have to do exhausting?

Find out how six 90-minute sessions with me can help you have real quality time when you are with your child, and get them to behave well, so you both enjoy your time together, and you regain your peace of mind.

Working with me one-to-one is the quickest most effective method of ditching the guilt as you learn some ‘ninja parenting skills’ to help you manage your child in the best way possible.

How is trying to balance work and family life affecting you?

  • Do you constantly try to strike the right balance between work and family life?
  • Do you feel bad about wanting to work?
  • Do you admire the patience of other mums and wonder if there’s something wrong with you?
  • Do you find the pressures of work easier to deal with than the pressure of trying to manage your child’s behaviour?
  • Are you desperate to prove to family and friends you can work and be a good mum?
  • Do you worry about the effect on your child of leaving them in other people’s care?
  • Does the reality of spending time with your child not live up to the lovely time you picture when you’re thinking of them when you’re at work?
  • Do you often think of your child, and how you’re neglecting them when you’re at work?
  • And then do you find it hard to switch off thinking about work when you’re finally with your child?
  • Have you heard that working mothers risk their children doing worse at school, becoming unemployed and suffering mental stress and want to make sure that your child is not affected?
  • Are there more arguments and fusses than you’d like when you’re with your child?
  • Do you struggle to discipline your child, and be consistent, because you’re not with them very long and you feel they have to cope with enough?
  • Do you feel judged for not being firm enough with your child?
  • Do you try to make up for working by buying your child ‘things’ or nice holidays? And yet still feel your child doesn’t get what they deserve?
  • Do you worry about feeding your child more fast food that you’d like?
  • Do you feel you have to justify your decision to work to family members and the stay-at-home mums?
  • Do you feel bad sometimes for enjoying time away from your children?
  • And do you feel extra guilty when you try to meet your own needs for exercise or socialising?
  • Do you feel strangely jealous of your child’s ‘carer’ that they can spend lovely times with your child and be there to witness developmental milestones or your child’s ‘firsts?’
  • Do you sometimes worry that your child loves their ‘carer’ more than you?
  • Do you find you ‘baby’ your child so they do less for themselves and don’t help around the house much? Partly because you feel so guilty that you work?
  • And yet do you find yourself yelling at your child more than you’d like, especially when you’re tired and stressed from having to juggle everything?

Does your child…

  • Find it difficult when you’re not around?
  • Have rushed, bad-tempered mornings?
  • Seem to behave much worse when you’re around?
  • Moan about child care arrangements even though you know they are well cared-for?
  • Make you feel guilty for leaving them?
  • Appear very materialistic, constantly pestering you for more ‘things?’
  • Appear very grown up sometimes, but lacks self-control when it comes to angry outbursts and making demands?
  • Need reassurance that you love them?
  • Seem a bit distant when you are around?

Do you want…

  • To stop feeling guilty about being a working Mum.
  • To learn how to make the time you do spend with your child real quality time that you both enjoy and look forward to!
  • To stop yelling and learn to discipline your child without even raising your voice.
  • To prove to your family and friends that you’re a great mum and have a lovely well-behaved child.
  • To rest assured that your child is having a happy childhood. Without feeling guilt-ridden!

If you’re serious about being a great working mum…

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PS. What will happen if you do nothing?

A year from now, if you don’t do something to help your child deal better with having a working mum, what do you think will be the consequence?

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