Help – I’m getting divorced

I’m sure your children the most important people in the world to you!

Are you desperate to avoid damaging your children  because of your divorce?

Do you want to help them adjust well to life with separated parents?

Find out how six 90-minute sessions with me can help your children come to terms with your divorce and still have a happy childhood.

Working with me one-to-one is the quickest most effective method of helping your children bounce back after your divorce.

Divorce can affect children in different ways.

Do you have a child who….

  • Feels guilty that the divorce is somehow their fault?
  • Has hopes, schemes and secret fantasies that you’ll get back together?
  • Feels insecure, because deep down they’re worried that if one parent can leave them, then the other might too?
  • Is being unnaturally ‘good’ thinking that if they behave really well maybe you’ll get back together again?
  • Is behaving badly? Angry at you for putting them through this? Almost determined to teach you a lesson – that if you won’t do what they want – they won’t do what you want?
  • Feels embarrassed and different from their friends because you’re divorcing?
  • Seems very well adjusted, and says all the right things, leaving you worried that they won’t let themselves feel the sadness or grief?
  • Comforts you and reassures you – and acts too much like a ‘parent?’
  • Is constantly at your side, needing a lot of reassurance and attention? And reluctant to leave you?
  • Feels pulled in two directions? Caught in the middle of two warring parents?
  • Has developed new fears or unusual behaviours that make you worry about their mental health?
  • Is crying or feeling really down and miserable about your divorce?
  • Wants to take ‘sides’ and work out which parent was at fault? Or feels that loving both parents is being ‘disloyal?’
  • Feels disbelief that you could do this to them if you really loved them?

And how is divorce affecting you?

  • Are you feeling guilty for ruining your children’s chance of a happy stable upbringing with two parents?
  • Have you heard that divorce can affect children’s education, friendships, mental health, and likelihood of getting divorced themselves, and want to avoid that if you can?
  • Do you struggle with how much to tell your children about the split?
  • Do you worry about what your Ex is doing and saying?
  • Are you worried that your children see you crying and upset?
  • Do you just want to help them through it? But find that you’re still so overwhelmed with the feelings of guilt, sadness or anger that you’re not always there ‘emotionally’ for them?
  • Do you struggle to know what to do and say when a child is sobbing?
  • Do you want your children to have a happy, carefree childhood, but feel you may have ruined that with your divorce?
  • Are your children behaving badly? Perhaps because you’re more lenient with them –because they’re going through a lot, or perhaps because you want them to enjoy their time with you and don’t want to tell them off?
  • Do you feel an overwhelming need to take them on a trip to Disneyland to make it up to them?
  • Do you feel that you failed at your marriage? And that your children didn’t deserve this?

Do you want…

  • To know the best things to say and do to help your child adapt well to your divorce.
  • Your child to have a happy childhood with two homes where they feel they belong.
  • A way to discuss the children’s needs with your Ex. And your child is protected from negativity and arguments.
  • Your child to be able to open up about their emotions, deal with the sadness and pain, and not feel guilty or torn apart.
  • Your child to eventually regain their happiness and confidence and know you’re there for them.
  • To know how to help them adjust to a new partner, step-parent or blended family, if you find someone new.
  • Your divorce not todamage your child any more than it needs to.  And avoid screwing them up for life.

If you’re serious about protecting your child from the effects of divorce…

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PS. What will happen if you do nothing?

A year from now, if you don’t do something to help your child cope better with your divorce, what do you think will be the consequence?

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