Help- My child is a bully!

Is your child bullying other children?

Do you want to know how to get them to stop?

Discover how six 90-minute Private Parenting Sessions using Skype will enable you to stop your child bullying others.

The quickest, most effective method of sorting this problem out – once and for all. 

Is your child bullying other children?

  • Are you shocked that your child has been accused of bullying another child?
  • Are you reluctant to believe the stories you’ve just heard? Almost disbelieving that your child could possibly be the ‘bully’ they’re talking about?
  • Are you feeling embarrassed that other parents or teachers at the school are judging you or think you’re a bad parent?
  • Are the school questioning how your child ‘learnt’ to be a bully? Implying that you’re doing something wrong at home?
  • Do you feel guilty? And responsible somehow?
  • Do you feel disappointed by your child? – You really thought they knew better!
  • Do you feel strangely resentful towards the child who accused your son or daughter of being a bully? And towards their parents, and the school?
  • Do you feel some of the situations that have been bought to your attention are not entirely your child’s fault? But your child is being blamed for everything.
  • Do you feel that your situation – as the parent of the bully- is even worse than the parents of the bullied child? Because everyone is sympathetic to the victim.
  • Are you worried that now you’ve been informed, you’re expected to sort it out… and you’ve no idea how?

And how is your child feeling?

  • Is your child indignant and resentful that everyone is judging them?
  • Are they angry about the accusations and how teachers or the school have turned on them?
  • Are they embarrassed about being caught? And humiliated?
  • Are they shocked that what they thought was a bit of fun or teasing is being called ‘bullying’
  • Are they feeling bad about themselves? And worried about how to get through the humiliation of being ‘named and shamed’

Do you want?

  • Your child to stop bullying, and realise that bullying isn’t ok?
  • For other people to realise your child is actually a nice kid, who made a mistake?
  • Other parents and the school to realise that you are a good parent, and are able to help your child change their behaviour?
  • Your child to feel happier in their own skin, and not to put anyone else down to feel good about themselves?

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PS. What will happen if you do nothing? 

A year from now, if you don’t do something about your child’s behaviour towards other children, what do you think will be the consequence?

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