Help – My child is being bullied!

Is your child being bullied?

Do you want help to get them through it?

Discover how six 90-minute Private Parenting Sessions using Skype will enable you to teach your child how to deal with the bully or bullies!

The quickest, most effective method of bully-proofing your child – once and for all.
What effect is the bullying having on your child?

  • Are they reluctant to share what has been going on because they’re embarrassed, or feel the bullying is their fault?
  • Are they more withdrawn, tearful or frightened?
  • Are they more irritable with family members?
  • Do they keep saying negative things about themselves?
  • Is it affecting their appetite – causing them to eat more or less than usual
  • Are they complaining of headaches or stomach aches?
  • Are they constantly obsessing about the bullying, and can’t seem to think of anything else?
  • Are they worried about going to school – or even refusing to go?
  • Is it affecting their school work?

And how is your child being bullied affecting you?

  • Is the bullying making you feel down and miserable too?
  • Do you find yourself constantly thinking about the bullying – the unfairness of it all – and what you should do?
  • Do you feel angry? And obsess over what you’d like to do to the bully – or bullies? (Although you know it won’t help!)
  • Are you feeling ‘powerless’, and worried? Yet at a loss about what to do about the bullying?
  • Are you torn between wanting to ‘wrap your child in cotton wool’ to protect your child from bullying – and wanting to teach your child how to deal with it? And yet you really don’t know how?
  • Are you scouring the internet for answers to the problem?
  • Are you feeling guilty? Worried that your child being a victim of bullying is somehow your fault?
  • Is the bullying bringing back memories of your own childhood? And raking up difficult feelings you’ve tried to put to the back of your mind?
  • Are you desperate to find a way to help your child be happy again?

Do you want… 

  • Your child to lears how to deal with the bully.
  • To discover how to make it much less likely your child is ever bullied in the future.
  • Your child to feel confident you are on their side and open up to you about what is going on.
  • Your child to know exactly what to do each time someone picks on them. And to know you can help them– every step of the way – coaching them and supporting them until the bullying stops.

If you’re serious about getting this sorted… 

If you want to discuss how this could work for you…

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To explore if a few private parenting sessions will work for you to bully-proof your child.

I’m here to help!

PS. What will happen if you do nothing? 

A year from now, if you don’t do something to help your child with bullying, what do you think will be the consequence?

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