Help – my child needs friends!

Does your child find it hard to make friends?

Discover how six 90-minute Private Parenting Sessions using Skype will enable you to help your child with friendships.

The quickest, most effective method of helping your child make and keep good friends.

How is a lack of friends affecting your child?

  • Is your child sad they don’t get invited to many birthday parties?
  • Are they unhappy when they spend playtime alone?
  • Do they wish they could be invited to play at other children’s homes?
  • Do children who are initially friendly with your child, often end up ignoring, avoiding or being nasty to your child?
  • Does your child have a knack of making the ‘wrong sort’ of friends?
  • Do they get upset or miserable that other children don’t seem to like them?
  • Are the children they seem to make friends with more like ‘frenemies’?
  • Is your child moving house or moving school and worried about whether they’ll make friends?

And how is it affecting YOU?

  • Do you worry about your child and their friendships?
  • Does it upset you when your child says that no-one wants to play with them? And that they spend break-times at school on their own?
  • Do you feel guilty that somehow you haven’t given your child the skills they need to find good friends?
  • Are you sometimes uneasy about the children your child chooses as friends, but say nothing, because they have so few friends.
  • Are you concerned that your child has personality traits that make it difficult for them to make friends? But you’re not sure what to do to help?
  • Do you worry about your child’s social abilities?
  • Are you fearful about what will happen when your child needs to move school?
  • Do you worry that your child isn’t going to have good friends in the future?

Do you want…

  • Your child understands how friendships work, and develops the ability to make friends.
  • Your child to be more likeable and friendly? And how to make that crucial first step – asking if they can play.
  • To not worry about your child at school any more?
  • Your child to feel happier, with good friends, that enjoy his or her company and like your child just for being who he or she is!

If you’re serious about getting this sorted…

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I’m here to help!

PS. What will happen if you do nothing?
A year from now, if you don’t do something to help your child make friends, what do you think will be the consequence?
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