Help – my child won’t do homework!

Is your child struggling to do homework?

Are you fed up with the battles over homework?

Discover how six 90-minute Private Parenting Sessions using Skype can solve your homework hassles.

The quickest, most effective method of sorting this problem out – once and for all.

What problems is homework causing you?

  • Are you worried about your child’s reluctance to do homework?
  • Are there some homework subjects guaranteed to upset your child?
  • Is homework a  battle that ruins some of your evenings?
  • Does your child often put off doing their homework until the last minute?
  • Do they remember homework for the following day late in the evening?
  • Do you wonder how the teachers get your child to work so hard at school because you can’t get them to do anything without a fuss?
  • Do you worry that your child will fall behind his or her peers if they don’t get the homework completed?
  • Do you sometimes ‘help’ your child with homework (or even do it for them?) just to get it done?
  • Does your child insist they have homework they need to do on the internet then you find them on social media or playing games?
  • Does your child seem too pressurised with homework? but you feel it’s your job to make them do it?
  • Do you wish there was a solution – where your child would accept the homework, do it without a fuss, and then have time afterwards to play and have quality time with you?

What problems does homework cause your child?

  • Does your child dread the evenings at home because of homework?
  • Does your child feel that you are responsible for getting them to do homework – which makes you the enemy!
  • Does the dread of homework make them feel overwhelmed and pressurised?
  • Does homework dominate life at home – and suck the fun out of life!
  • Does your child find the constant pressure of homework causes stress, anxiety and fear!
  • Does your child just wish that homework could be banned?

Let me ask you to imagine… You’ve been working all day at a job that you dislike, and then you finally get home, ready to relax and find that you have to do hours more work. And there’s someone at home who forces you to do the ‘overtime!’
How would you feel?
Well that is what it’s like for your child!
And sometimes it is good to get some expert or professional help to help you learn how to help manage homework better.

Do you want…

  • Your child to get down to their homework without a fuss
  • Your child to know exactly what your role is with homework– and what it isn’t.
  • Tips and techniques to help your child settle down to homework and take the responsibility for doing it themselves.
  • To stop homework battles, so your child accepts it and just gets it done.

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PS. What will happen if you do nothing?

A year from now, if you don’t do something about your child’s homework, what do you think will be the consequence?

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