Help – my children keep fighting!

Is sibling rivalry making family life a misery?

Are you desperate to stop your children arguing and fighting?

Find out how six 90-minute sessions with me can get your children to get on well together and even learn to like each-other!

Working with me one-to-one is the quickest most effective method of sorting out sibling rivalry– once and for all.

How does sibling rivalry and arguing affect you?

  • Are you worried about your children not getting on together?
  • Are car journeys a nightmare?
  • Do mealtimes frequently get ruined by fusses and quarrels?
  • Do you dread weekends and holidays because you’re not sure how your children will behave?
  • Are you concerned when your children argue in front of your friends or relatives? Because sometimes they let you down so badly.
  • Do you feel at a loss at how to deal with the bickering and squabbling between your children?
  • Do you worry one – or more – of your children will grow up to be selfish, spiteful or mean? When you see their vicious behaviour towards a brother or sister.
  • Are you anxious about the long term effects on one of your children because they are always being picked on?
  • Do you sometimes think that the sibling rivalry in your home is more like bullying?
  • Does one of your children need more of your time and attention because they’re younger or have special needs? Which can cause jealousy or resentment.
  • Do you sometimes worry about leaving the room because you’re frightened about what the children will do to each-other when you leave them alone?
  • Do you worry that the fights your children have now will last into adult life and your children will never get on?
  • Is the atmosphere at home causing you to feel stressed and upset?
  • Is it affecting your marriage? As you and your partner argue over how to deal with the fights? Or because you each side with a different child?
  • Do you just wish your children got on better? And could tolerate each other – or even be friends! – rather than acting like sworn enemies?

And how is it affecting your children?

  • Do your children hate being at home, because of all the fusses?
  • Is home life for your children a battle? With bullying, teasing and spitefulness?
  • Do your children always feel they have to compete with or put down their brother or sister, to make themselves seem more important?
  • Could one of your children feel bullied in their own home? Where they can’t escape?
  • Is one of your children repeatedly teased or belittled?
  • Do your children sometimes sustain injuries at the hand of a brother or sister getting punched, bitten, pinched or having their hair pulled?
  • Does one of your children feel that you love another child more than them? And claim you ‘always’ take their side?

Do you want…

  • Your children to see each-other as friends rather than enemies.
  • Your children sort out their own arguments, without you having to take sides.
  • Not to feel worried about what your children will do to each-other any more.
  • For heated arguments and vicious fights to become a distant memory rather than a constant reality.

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If you’re serious about getting this sorted…

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PS. What will happen if you do nothing? A year from now, if you don’t do something about your children fighting, what do you think will be the consequence? 

“My husband and I were prompted to contact Elizabeth after a particularly unpleasant holiday where my husband and I returned ill and exhausted due to the level of stress on our holiday. Elizabeth is fabulous, caring, direct and committed. I feel so much more in control as we used to feel bewildered and angry with our children and have actually started to like them again. I cannot recommend this course enough!!” (Neela, mother of 3)

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