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should the government ban smackingShould all parents have access to parenting classes?
David Cameron wants parents to see parenting classes as normal, even aspirational. But are UK parents ready to accept parenting support?


should the government ban smackingShould the Government ban smacking?
Elizabeth discusses the UN resolution to ban smacking in the UK. Should children be the only group of people who are not protected from physical violence in the UK? Do children have a right to a violence-free childhood?

homework-warningHomework Warning
Should primary school aged children still be given homework? And how can parents get children to do their homework with a minimum of fuss?

Nappies in School Sky NewsNappies in School Sky News
Should teachers be taking time out of class to change nappies? Some children are still wearing nappies after age 5. And even as old as 14 or 15! So how is it affecting these children. And when should parents start potty training?

Family holiday price rip-off Sky News Family holiday price rip-offSky News
Why should parents be ripped off by the high prices in school holidays? And how can parents afford family holidays if they can’t afford to take the children away during official holiday times?

Cyber bullying Sky News Cyber bullying Sky News
Here’s me, Elizabeth O’Shea, on Sky news talking about on-line bullying by children

Controlled crying BBC1 Breakfast. Part 1 Controlled crying BBC1 Breakfast. Part 1
Elizabeth O’Shea on BBC1 Breakfast Part 1 25th May

Controlled crying BBC1 Breakfast. Part 2 Controlled crying BBC1 Breakfast. Part 2
Elizabeth O’Shea on BBC 1 Breakfast Part 2 25th May 2012

Elizabeth in the press

Guardian Article on Negotiation


Elizabeth on the Radio

Facebook’s Motherhood Challenge Facebook’s Motherhood Challenge
Radio Ulster 3.2.16
Elizabeth talks to Seamus McKee about the Motherhood Challenge where some people find it smug or insulting that mums are posting photos of their moments that make them happy to be a mum, and naming people they think are great mums.

Out of Control 7-Year Old Out of Control 7-Year Old
BBC Three Counties Radio – The JVS show 5.2.16
Elizabeth talks to Jonathan Vernon-Smith about Vicky, a mum with a daughter who swears and punches and kicks her mum regularly. And Jonathan asks Elizabeth for advice on what Vicky should do.

Books in Happy Meals Books in Happy Meals
BBC Radio Tees 5.2.16
McDonalds are going to put book vouchers in Happy meals instead of toys. John Foster discusses the advantages and disadvantages with Elizabeth, and talks about the merits of reading.

danny pike internet overtakes tv radio sussexChildren’s time online overtakes TV
BBC Radio Sussex 26.1.16
Research shows that children are spending more time online than
watching television for the first time. But what are the
implications of this for parents?


LBC logoBBC World Service Video Game Warning
A group of Headteachers here in Britian has warn parents said they’ll report them to police for neglect if they allow their children to play video games rated for over-18s.

LBC logoAre parenting experts a rip off?
LBC 13.10.14
Alex proud claims parenting experts deliver anxiety,
guilt and insecurity in an article in the Telegraph.
Iain Dale asks Elizabeth: How do you learn to be a good parent?

BBC Radio Coventry and WarwickshireTooth decay at 3. Are parents to blame?
BBC Radio Coventry 30.9.14
1 in 8 of UK children have tooth decay at age 3.
With tooth decay soaring,
do parents need to take charge and learn how to say no to toddlers?

Sarah-Gorell-Radio-SussexSex education by parents
BBC Radio Sussex 24.9.14
Teenage pregnancy rates – in the under 16’s –
are at their lowest since the 1970’s.
But whose responsibility is it to teach children about sex?

BBC Sussex How much privacy should parents allow?
BBC Radio Sussex 16.9.14
With the increasing use of CCTV cameras in schools,
do children have the same right to privacy as adults?
And how much privacy, as a parent, should you give your child?

BBC Sussex Compulsory Sex education in schools at 7
BBC Radio Sussex 26.8.14
Is it appropriate for children aged 7 and upwards
to have compulsory sex education classes in school?

Danny-Pike Sexist attitudes – What can parents do?
Radio Sussex 29.11.13
How can girls develop a healthy attitude to body image, sexualisation, and keep up their career aspirations when sexist attitudes are common? And how can parents stop boys making sexist remarks?

BBC WMAre parents to blame for Britain’s biggest problems?
BBC WM 15.10.13
The chief or OFSTED blames Britain’s biggest social problems on parents failing to teach children right from wrong. Should parents take responsibility and find a course when they can’t cope? And should all parents be offered a parenting course

BBC WM Child abuse – are we all responsible?
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire 1.8.13
After Daniel Pelka’s death due to starvation, what should parents do if they fear another child is being neglected or abused?

BBC Sussex and Surrey Keeping secrets and teenage happiness
BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey 22.7.13
British children are unhappier now than they were between the mid 90’s and 2008.Danny Pike asks How can parents help teenagers to be happier,open up moreand get them ready for adulthood?

Sarah-Gorell-Radio-SussexKeeping children safe
BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey 31.5.13
April Jones was abducted and killed. How can you keep your children safe without keeping them indoors? How do you give children the independence and freedom they need?

Danny-PikeWhat makes a good parent?
BBC Radio Sussex 10.01.13
Danny Pike asks Elizabeth:
Do parents really need parenting experts or courses?

Danny-PikeHow can parents prepare for Christmas
BBC Surrey and Sussex 21.12.12
Danny Pike asks Elizabeth what are the secrets to a stress free Christmas.

BBC Sussex and SurreyShould overweight children be taken into care?
BBC Surrey and Sussex 16.8.12Danny Pike asks if parents are to blame for their children overeating. And how much responsibility parents should take for their children’s exercise and diet.

Sarah-Gorell-Radio-SussexHow do you learn to be a good parent?
BBC Radio Sussex 19.9.12
Following the birth of Robbie William’s baby girl, Theodora, Sarah Gorrell asks Elizabeth: How do you get it right as a parent?

BBC Sussex Depression in children
BBC Radio Sussex 30.5.12
More than 1000 children across Sussex are receiving treatment for depression. Is modern parenting to blame? And how can parents help to prevent their children getting depressed?

Sarah-Gorell-Radio-SussexCan you teach parents how to be better parents?
BBC Radio Sussex 15.5.12
Will the parents, who really need it, go on a parenting course? Should parenting be taught in schools?


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LBC Parenting Courses


Sex education by parents Radio Sussex 24.9.14


BBC Sussex Child Privacy


BBC Sussex Child Privacy


Radio Sussex teenage sexualisation


BBC Coventry and Warwickshire


BBC Sussex Teenage hapiness


Sarah Gorrell 31-5-13


Danny Pike BBC Radio Sussex. What makes a good parent?


Danny Pike 21 Dec 12. Secrets to a stress free Christmas


BBC Sussex Child Obesity


Radio Sussex Robbie’s new baby


BBC Radio Sussex Child depression