Online Parenting CourseSkype Parenting Session with Elizabeth O'Shea

Why Skype Sessions?

An online parenting course is a great option

  • When you’re a good parent, dealing with a challenging child, but are ready to get it sorted.
  • If you find it difficult to find a suitable parenting class locally.
  • When you want parenting sessions from the comfort of your own home.
  • When you have a challenge with one of your children with rudeness or disrespect, hitting, kicking or biting, getting into trouble at school, angry outbursts or tantrums, ignoring you, sibling rivalry, fighting, huge fusses over homework, getting ready in the morning, or going to bed, lying or stealing, fears, worries, panic attacks or anxieties, special needs, going off the rails, struggling with a divorce, or being bullied.
  • When you’re a single parent, or don’t have a baby-sitter.
  • When you want to do evening sessions when your children are asleep.
  • When you work shifts, or late some evenings and want flexible parenting help in the evenings or weekends.
  • When you and your partner are in different locations, but can both access Skype at an agreed time.
  • If you and your partner don’t always agree on parenting approaches and you want a united front.

On these Skype parenting sessions a leading UK parenting expert will work with you to solve your specific issues, in just six 90-minute sessions. With easy, flexible. guaranteed solutions.
With unlimited text and e-mail support between sessions, until everything is sorted.

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Why is parenting so difficult today?

Parenting has changed.

There are so many challenges bringing up children today that didn’t even exist 15 or 20 years ago.
So you need a whole new skill set.
And that’s what you’ll get doing Skype parenting sessions.
Training for the most important job you’ll ever do.

Only good parents seek help!
You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t a good parent.
Today you have the chance to give your child the happy childhood they deserve.
And give yourself the happy experience you always wanted being a parent.

So you don’t have to struggle on alone!
There is help.
There are solutions.
And now you’ve found a way to access the expert parenting help you’ve been looking for!

Tired, Stressed, Fed up

How do ‘Skype Parenting Sessions’ work?

  • If you decide you want to work with me we’ll do six 90-minute sessions, face-to-face or by Skype.
  • You’ll fill in a background information form, to tell me about the biggest problems with your child, and every other problem you have with each of your children. I’ll work out what parenting techniques you need to solve each problem. Then I’ll teach you the strategies to you on our sessions together. In a tailor-made course just for you.
  • You can do the sessions on your own or with your partner if you have one. (Doing it together means that you can both respond to your child the same way, and back each-other up.)
  • You can choose times to suit you. Daytime, evenings or weekends.
  • Doing the sessions over six weeks allows you to keep building on your successes, and tweak the methods so they work for your child.
  • You’ll learn a variety of behavioural strategies and psychological techniques that will help you manage any problems and transform your family life.
  • Unlimited text and e-mail support between sessions.

Your Investment

The price is just £1,200*
This is an investment in your child and family.
It will transform your enjoyment of your family and your child’s childhood.

*Special offer: When you book 6 Skype parenting sessions and pay in full before the second session you’ll get one 90-minute session, FREE of charge, 4 to 6 weeks after the final session, to make sure everything is still working and mop up any new problems that arise after completing the course.

Risk-free Money-Back Guarantee

If the problems are not solved or significantly reduced, I’ll give you your money back. So your investment is risk-free!

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So what do other parents say?

I cannot recommend this course enough!! 
“My husband and I were prompted to contact Elizabeth after a particularly unpleasant holiday where my husband and I returned ill and exhausted due to the level of stress on our holiday. I was determined my husband and I would sort it together so I realised that Skype would be the best way to do this with my husbands schedule. It was extremely effective and Elizabeth is fabulous, caring, direct and committed. The key to this course is your own commitment to change and doing it if appropriate as a husband and wife team. The course has made my husband and I feel so much more in control as we used to feel bewildered and angry with our children and have actually started to like them again. I cannot recommend this course enough!! We have never met Elizabeth other than through Skype.”
(Neela, Mother of two)
Parenting can be tough! So book an Online Parenting Course
Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and experienced
“One of the main reasons we wanted to take the course was our difficulty dealing with our son, who we believe is in the autism spectrum (Aspergers). In my case it is especially difficult to develop a good and healthy relationship and engaging him in normal family life.
As a result of attending the course we are now equipped with a series of tools and techniques that we have at our fingertips so we can use them when needed with great results I have to say.
I would strongly recommend this course to other parents because it gives you great and easy to apply tools to deal with family issues, develop good relationships with your children and help them grow and become independent for the future
I’m very used to meetings on Skype as I deal with global teams at work so pretty much business as usual. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and experienced, with very clear and direct delivery, approachable and open to being challenged. I will be more than happy to recommend Elizabeth.” (Manuel Ruiz, Dad of two)
Elizabeth is the ‘child whisperer’
“Elizabeth is the ‘child whisperer’ She is excellent. Working with her is very helpful, and gives you a tool-kit to better manage the children and to better manage yourself. And doing the sessions by Skype was quite convenient
After working with Elizabeth, life is still hectic, but now I feel I have better tools to manage. When my 3 year old would go into meltdown I would get angry with him for being disobedient, now I have understanding that he simply can’t rationalise and needs to be emotionally defused before he can be rationalised with.” (Paul Gooden.)
With Elizabeth’s techniques he is a changed boy.
 “It’s totally amazing and that all the techniques have made such a great impact, all things that seem so obvious now but that I would just never have thought of myself.
It was brilliant to be able to do the sessions on skype, meant as a single full time working parent it was much easier to schedule around everything. My biggest problem with George was handling his aggressive behaviour and with Elizabeth’s techniques he is a changed boy, much calmer and everything day to day is now much easier.”
(Pia Chevallier)

Is there anything else you need to know?

  • Before you arrange the Skype Course, we’ll have a call so you can tell  me about your family, and your specific situation.
  • I don’t take on everyone. If I feel I can help, I will discuss how many sessions would be most suitable for your family.
  • All you need to do the Skype course is a Skype connection, a Skype ID, and a printer.
  • You can choose to have a Skype call,  a Skype call withouth the video, or we can do the session by phone if you prefer.
  • I will e-mail some worksheets before each session for you to print off.
  • After each Skype session I will e-mail the full notes from the session for you to keep for reference.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal.
  • All of the parenting sessions are tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your family.
  • You will leave each session with an action plan which will include a range of solutions specific to you.
  • The skills you’ll learn will last throughout your child’s teeange years until they’re grown up.


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Tailor Made Parenting Support Sessions

Book a call with Elizabeth, and let’s get this sorted!

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Peace of Mind Plan:

Parents who have completed the online parenting course can book the peace of mind plan – 5 x 60-minute online sessions.

The parenting sessions will be held once every 2 months. With unlimited parenting text and e-mail support between sessions.

Cost: £750

For Parents who want only the best…

Super-Nanny Service

If you would like Elizabeth to come to your home to watch your family in action and then give specific parenting coaching and offer tailor made solutions. Only suitable for parents of families with children under 8.  Please contact Elizabeth to discuss your requirements.
Price £3000 plus travel costs.

The Elite VIP Service

Elizabeth will to come to your home to watch your family in action, will plan and teach you every parenting skill you need  in a series of tailor-made parenting sessions.  Then will continue to work with you for 12 months to ensure every problem you have with your children is sorted, and for an entire year you have the family life you want and deserve. With unlimited text and e-mail support. Price £5000 plus travel costs.


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