Private Parenting Coach West Sussex

Are you a parent having a challenge with one of your children?

What issue would you like to get sorted?

  • Rudeness or disrespect?
  • Hitting, kicking or biting?
  • Getting into trouble at school?
  • Angry outbursts or tantrums?
  • Ignoring you?
  • Sibling rivalry?
  • Fighting?
  • Huge fusses over homework,
  • Won’t get ready without a fuss?
  • Sleep problems?
  • Stealing?
  • Fears, worries or anxieties?
  • Special needs?
  • A child going off the rails?
  • Struggling with divorce?
  • Being bullied?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I offer private parenting coaching for parents whose children are challenging.

Three simple steps:

  1. Give me a call on 01403 839683. Tell me what’s going on at home, and I’ll tell you if I can help. You’ll be amazed at the number of issues I can help you sort out.As long as I feel I can help we’ll book in the first session.  Each session lasts for 90-minutes and when you’ve completed the sessions, it will change your family life- for good!
  2. Before we start our sessions together, I’ll ask you to fill in a background information form. For every issue you mention, I’ll work out what parenting solution you need and then during the parenting sessions I’ll teach it to you.
  3. Complete all six 90-minute sessions and do the ‘Home-play’ for solutions to all your parenting issues.

Call today on: 01403 839683 or contact me here

Is this right for you?

This is for you if you’re a busy parent and want a face to face parenting course to solve your biggest issues in six 90-mintue sessions. If you live within 30 miles of Horsham, West Sussex. (If you don’t live nearby, you may prefer to do the sessions by  online.)

A tailor-made course, just for you with one of the UK’s leading parenting experts.

Have you struggled on alone for weeks, months or even years before seeking help to solve a particular problem with your child’s behaviour? Perhaps you felt you should just ‘know’ how to sort it out.

Your family is probably the biggest priority in your life. The whole reason most people work is to provide for their families. And enjoy family life.

But parenting is nothing like it used to be. There is less extended family around, more technology, and discipline techniques have changed. And our children are under greater pressure than ever before, so parents are dealing with things they didn’t need to deal with 15 or 20 years ago.

Private Parenting Coaching for Parents of Angry Children

You don’t have to be a failing parent to seek help. Good parents who are already having a great deal of success still benefit form parent coaching because there are so many new challenges parenting children today.

Why work with Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a parent with four children of her own. So she has plenty of experience! She is also a trained and accredited parenting specialist and has appeared on BBC Breakfast, Sky News, Radio 4 and the BBC World News, talking about parenting issues.

Elizabeth can help you sort out all the issues you have with your children, and have a happy family life.

Every family is individual. Different children – different issues. And you can do the sessions with one or both parents. There is a parenting solution for every difficulty you have with your child’s behaviour.

Being a good parent is about seeking help when you need it. For your sake and for your children’s. You don’t have to wait for a crisis and you don’t have to put up with problems for a day longer! It takes real guts to seek help. There are solutions. And I’d love to help you.

Elizabeth is so confident that she can help you solve or significantly reduce your child’s behaviour issues, that if she doesn’t, she’ll give you your money back.

Call today on: 01403 839683 or Contact Elizabeth here

What do other parents say about the sessions?

Elizabeth has a lovely way of teaching

My wife and I lead busy work and home lives, and a while back the balance had gone slightly awry. Elizabeth encouraged us to carve out quality time with our children, put some structure into common home issues (bedtime, homework etc.) and gave us the tools and confidence to help our children find some independence within safe boundaries. Bedtime is now markedly improved and we’re all more relaxed and rested as a result! Elizabeth has a lovely way of teaching and all the sessions have been thoroughly productive and enjoyable. I would recommend her to any non-perfect parent!” (Chris Purves, Dad of three)

The strategies really work

“If there is anything you are struggling with your children, it is absolutely worth doing these sessions. The strategies really work and it’s not something we are all naturals with. They are respectful to children and improve the quality of family life. When I started the sessions I felt very tense and  stuck. My daughter was not wanting to go to school and not really working. I was despairing and quite angry and upset a lot of the time. Now our relationship is much better. She has been more open, and our relationship is much better. It’s been so valuable.  I could do with an earpiece imparting Elizabeth’s wisdom and sense 24/7″ (Mandy de Leon, Mum with one daughter)

You won’t regret it

Help for Frustrated Parents

“Anyone reading this who is thinking of attending Elizabeth’s course please, do yourself the biggest favour you could for yourself and your child and go ahead and book. You won’t regret it.” (Peter Lowson, Dad with three children)

It has been life changing for us

“I went to see Elizabeth after my younger daughter had very sporadic sleep patterns and was waking 7 times a night. We were at the end of our tether, and had already tried different options with the GP and Health Visitor. We were at the stage where I really needed someone to “hold my hand” and support me every step of the way and Elizabeth did just that – we were in daily contact until my daughter had slept the whole night through for five nights. When Elizabeth said to me “I can help you, I will help you” I felt immediate trust in her and she even offered to give me money back if it didn’t work. We talked through different techniques and Elizabeth gave me knowledge of differing techniques affecting the physical, psychological and environmental aspects as well as coaching techniques. It has been life changing for us to get our sleep back!” (Helen Bird, Mum of two)


Call today on: 01403 839683 or Contact Elizabeth here





Pay by bank transfer or by PayPal

The maximum investment – for six sessions – in your children and your family is just £897*

*Special offer: When you book 6 parenting sessions and pay in full before the second session you’ll get one 90-minute session, FREE of charge, 4 to 6 weeks after the final session, to make sure everything is still working and mop up any new problems that arise after completing the course.

Please note: where evening or weekend sessions are required, a charge of £60 will be added.

Tailor Made Parenting Support Sessions

For Parents who want only the best:

Super-Nanny Service

If you would like Elizabeth to come to your home to watch your family in action and then give specific parenting coaching and offer tailor made solutions, please contact Elizabeth to discuss your requirements. Price £2000 plus travel costs.

The Elite VIP Service

Elizabeth will to come to your home to watch your family in action, will plan and teach you every parenting skill you need in a series of tailor-made parenting sessions. She will then continue to work with you for 12 months to ensure every problem you have with your children is sorted, and for an entire year you have the family life you want and deserve. With unlimited text and e-mail support. Price £5000 plus travel costs.