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Parenting Talks and Webinars for Schools and Nurseries

Are you a forward-thinking school or nursery, wanting to offer parenting workshops to your parents? 

The benefits are huge: 

  • Your school or nursery will be seen as supporting parents, being proactive, nurturing the parent/school relationship, and helping parents learn new skills. Enhancing the good-will parents feel towards your school or nursery.
    Not only that, but you can expect improvements in the pupils’ sleep, routines, behaviour and resilience. So, they arrive in the morning, ready to learn! 
  • Parents benefit as they practical tips and advice to tackle issues, at a friendly, non-judgemental, practical workshop.
    The parents learn effective, tried-and-tested skills to transform difficult behaviour, so home life becomes more nurturing and enjoyable. 
  • Your pupils benefit as home life becomes less stressed, more loving and supportive. So, children are happier, calmer, and able to achieve their full potential.

At the moment, all workshops are held on Zoom. However, when it’s possible to hold offline workshops, I can deliver workshops in person in London, Surrey or West Sussex.

Workshops are usually 60 minutes long, with time in the final 10 to 15 minutes, for questions.

My school workshops on parenting skills are becoming extremely popular and the feedback has been outstanding.

I was the Keynote Speaker at the IAPS Pre-Prep Leadership conference in 2018, which someone from the school may have attended.

I’m also interviewed on Sky News, BBC Breakfast, Radio 4 Women’s Hour, and many BBC radio stations.

School talks - Parent 4 Success - Help your Child with Emotions and Build Resilience, Raising an Independent, Self-reliant Child

Regarding the school talks, the most popular workshops requested are:

  • Help your Child with Emotions and Build Resilience
  • Raising an Independent, Self-reliant Child
  • Managing Social Media and Screen time

One new workshop which is proving popular is:

Respect, consent, porn and staying safe – how parents can teach children to:

  • Say no and stay safe
  • Understand consent
  • Have respect and healthy attitudes towards girls
  • Understand about porn, inappropriate images and sexting
  • What to do if their child sees porn
  • Recognise and challenge inappropriate behaviour – how to be a good bystander

However, I can tailor make a talk specifically at your school if there’s something you’d like her to talk to parents about.

Workshops can be held in the mornings, after school or evenings.

I would be really happy to discuss what topics parents and teachers at your school would find most useful.

Although I normally charge Corporates £750 to run a Zoom Workshops, because I know that schools are often on a tight budget, I reduce that fee to £500 for schools or nurseries (plus travelling expenses if appropriate)

Schools can offset this cost by charging parents £10 for the workshops, and it may even raise a bit of money for the school!

Training sessions can also be held for staff on inset days, or earlier in the evening when parent workshops are being offered, so staff learn effective skills for managing children, as well as the parents! 

I have been described as knowledgeable, warm and non-judgemental. Workshops are fun, educational and full of practical advice. 

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