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Welcome to the Parent 4 Success Website.

What is your child doing that you’d like to get sorted?  Tantrums? Rudeness? Bullying? Arguing? Struggling with homework? Anxieties? Moodiness? Smart-phone addiction? Behaviour Problems?

You’ll be glad to know: There is help! There are solutions!

If you’re a good parent, with a child aged 2 to 16, but through no fault of your own, don’t have the knowledge or skills, to solve a problem, I’d love to help.

I’m Elizabeth, from Parent 4 Success. I have four children.  So, I have lots of experience.
I’ve written three books and appear on radio and TV. So, I’m a recognised parenting expert.

My mission is to help a million children have a happier childhood.
I’m here to help you sort out everything that’s holding you back from the happy family life, you dream of.

Feel free to explore the site for lots of free blogs and advice on how to get your challenges sorted!

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If you are a mum or dad, you can learn to transform your child’s behaviour and get the family life you want and deserve, with tailor-made, parenting sessions.

I can help if you are tired, stressed or fed up… Or if your child is unhappy!
I don’t even need to see your child. I’ll show you how to transform your child’s behaviour. So, you can become your child’s coach, and help get the problem sorted, without child therapy!

Not convinced this will work? There’s  a no-quibble money-back guarantee if your parenting challenge isn’t solved or significantly reduced.

Send me a message at: elizabeth@parent4success.com, to arrange a free no-obligation phone or Skype call, to discuss if working with me would be right for you and your family.

How Can I Help?

“If you need legal advice, see a solicitor. If you need tax advice, see an accountant. So therefore see the expert for the most important aspect of your life – your child.”
– Oliver Rodbourne


1 tantrums
Your Free ‘Understanding Tantrums’ Guide

If your toddler is having tantrums, you’ll want this guide.

  • Why do toddlers have tantrums?
  • What is normal and what isn’t?
  • How long do tantrums typically last?
  • How often do children tantrum at different ages?
  • When should you be worried?
  • The anatomy of a tantrum.
  • How parents make tantrums worse.
  • Plus, I’ll show you how to access the Must-Have Guide: Taming Toddler Tantrums.

Elizabeth O’Shea is a renowned, parenting expert …